ID and accrediations

ID Cards & Accreditations

DMCentral are experts in ID cards and accreditations with over fifteen years of experience helping our clients with their individual ID card and accreditation needs.

Unlike our competitors, DMCentral’s unique manufacturing processes ensure that your ID cards and accreditations will be second to none anywhere in the world. Not only is our resolution between two and four times greater than anyone else with an incredible 1200dpi being used, the entire surface including all printed areas is protect by a 0.08mm clear PVC coating which makes the imagery almost impervious to damage.

There are no limitations on size or shape with our ID cards and accreditations, we can make whatever you want to design. We can accomodate any lanyard style whether it requires round holes, slots or multiple attachment points.

So if it’s an ID card, accreditation or an event pass you’re looking for, you’re in the right place. DMCentral guarantee that you will get exactly what you need.