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Market research consistently demonstrates that retaining existing customers is easier than getting new ones. Implementing a simple program to increase customer loyalty and grow your database is an invaluable way to boost your business. As part of the Loyalty Card Program, customers will provide you with their personal information and contact details, enabling you to implement targeted marketing via direct mail, email campaigns, SMS and more. Here at DMCentral we are the leading loyalty card manufacturer team and have exceeded expectations in our loyalty cards printing services for 15 years and counting.


We can do it all from plastic gift cards, loyalty cards printing, membership cards, key tags and event passes as well as the using the latest technology to print RFID smartcards, ID cards and more. And we don’t just leave you to deal with the coding. Our team makes sure that your cards are beautifully custom branded and work with your POS system with the right codes and information. We can even provide a live sample of your card for you to test with your system before completing your order, so you can be sure that it works.


Printing cards is our specialty. But from having 40 years in the industry, we know that sometimes you might need some other services too, from someone you trust. So, we also provide a comprehensive range of complimentary services that have been built with our customers in mind, including card carriers for your gift or membership cards, in-house mail fulfilment services, database management and more.


At DMCentral, we know that a well designed and marketed Loyalty Card will be an effective way to boost your business. Order your Loyalty Cards today and start reaping the benefits of a customer rewards program now! For more information on our services and how we can customise our loyalty cards printing service for you – call us now!

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We offer a wide variety of professionally designed gift cards, for almost any kind of retail environment, all of which can be fully customised to you.

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DMCentral is wholly Australian owned
and we manufacture all of our products within our Melbourne plant.

Tab Cards Thumb

Use a DMCentral Bar TAB Card to keep track of all transactions, allowing your venue to collect one payment for the account when your patrons are ready to leave.

Event Passes

Whether you are holding a big event for many thousands or a small event with only twenty people, DMCentral can provide your event passes.

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