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Forget about the consistent frustration of not having a reliable card that seldom works! Finding a photo id card that is reliable and protected is now a breeze when you select DMCentral. Experience a leading id card printing service in Australia from the industry pioneering team here at DMCentral. DMCentral is a solution-based organization that focuses on more than just a plastic card printing service. Our experienced and highly knowledgeable team pride themselves on understanding your needs before tailoring the perfect solution for you not only delivering measurable results now but long into the future. We go above and beyond for our clients and offer a personalised service each and every time.


Custom ID cards play a pivotal role in ensuring that you are well represented and safe, these are the key points we take into consideration here at DMCentral and manufacture the utmost finest custom photo ID cards Australia. Our id cards printing Australia services have been rated as one of the finest in the country!


With over 15 years of experience in the field, DMCentral has constituted an amazing id cards printing Australia service. DMCentral has all the necessary tools to help you connect with your customers, members and associates. We offer everything from photo ID Cards, gift cards, bar tab cards, hotel room key cards, event passes and combination cards to an extensive, multi-faceted and personalised direct marketing campaign. We have all the know-how and facilities for marketing and membership success. We endeavour to perpetually keep up with new technological trends, hence why our cards are of the utmost highest quality and design specifications.


Hard work, transparency and overall professionalism are the key stepping stones we utilise over the year to ensure that we come out on top as Australia’s leading id card printing service. Here at DMCentral, we have earned our position in the market when it comes being the leading id card printing service providers. Speak to us today for more information!

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We offer a wide variety of professionally designed gift cards, for almost any kind of retail environment, all of which can be fully customised to you.

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DMCentral is wholly Australian owned
and we manufacture all of our products within our Melbourne plant.

Tab Cards Thumb

Use a DMCentral Bar TAB Card to keep track of all transactions, allowing your venue to collect one payment for the account when your patrons are ready to leave.

Event Passes

Whether you are holding a big event for many thousands or a small event with only twenty people, DMCentral can provide your event passes.

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DMCentral have all the tools to help you connect with your customers, members and associates.