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Experience unparalleled plastic card printing Melbourne services that will suit your needs and aspirations. From staff ID cards, hotel room key designs, custom gift card printing all the way to student cards and event cards our leading team here at DMCentral are the pioneers in the custom plastic cards printing industry and have a wealth of experience and knowledge to back it up. DMCentral utilises the latest state of the art technologies and equipment in our manufacturing processes. Our wide range of products and services will help you and your business optimize things such as customer loyalty, security, memberships, access control and credit control just to name a few. We go above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction – that is our guarantee to you!


DMCentral has all the necessary tools to help you connect with your customers, members and associates. We offer everything from photo ID Cards, gift cards, bar tab cards, hotel room key cards, event passes and combination cards to an extensive, multi-faceted and personalised direct marketing campaign. We have all the know-how and facilities for marketing and membership success. We endeavour to perpetually keep up with new technological trends, hence why our cards are of the utmost highest quality and design specifications.

We are one of the few companies that manufacture a full range of premium quality PVC plastic card and key tag products here in Australia. We also offer highly personalised digital printing and mailing services which complement a diverse suite of direct marketing solutions, all housed under one roof and backed by the highest levels of customer service. When you hear the phrase “custom gift card printing” your mind should pinpoint to one and only one company – DMCentral!

If you are seeking more information on our custom plastic cards printing services, card printing Melbourne services or are wondering about any alternative services we might offer, speak to one of our experts today and discover the DMCentral difference for yourself.

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We offer a wide variety of professionally designed gift cards, for almost any kind of retail environment, all of which can be fully customised to you.

photo id cards

DMCentral is wholly Australian owned
and we manufacture all of our products within our Melbourne plant.

Tab Cards Thumb

Use a DMCentral Bar TAB Card to keep track of all transactions, allowing your venue to collect one payment for the account when your patrons are ready to leave.

Event Passes

Whether you are holding a big event for many thousands or a small event with only twenty people, DMCentral can provide your event passes.

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DMCentral have all the tools to help you connect with your customers, members and associates.