Case Studies

DMCentral manage the membership and loyalty card process from many of Australia’s well known clubs and organisations.

Please feel free to review our case studies from a few of our many loyal customers:





Diabetes Victoria is the supplier of products and membership to the people who have diabetes in Victoria. There are currently 235,000 Victorians with diabetes. In 2008 Diabetes briefed DMCentral to develop a new membership card and stream line their membership program. They had a membership of over 20,000 members. Strategy

Diabetes Victoria wanted to introduce a new membership card to their members with a shelf life of 12 months compared to there current card of only 3 months. They also wanted to stream line the process of sending out the card the renewals to their members.

Creative Solutions

DMCentral provided a solution to Diabetes Victoria that featured:

– A high quality PVC card that will have a shelf life of 12 months and the card would give members a discount off any purchase of their products.

– Stream line the membership renewals and have a 1800.. number on their form allowing ease of operation so members can renew over the phone.


Their membership has grown to over 50,000 members. By using a PVC card with a shelf live of over 12 months this has saved them having to run out replacement cards before the expiry date. Also having the 1800 number on the renewal form saves the members having to post back in the mail.

Ben Davidson, Membership manager from Diabetes Australia-Victoria said that DMCentral is an integral part of our relationship with over 50,000 members. If it wasn’t for the team at DMCentral we would have half as many members, half the revenue and still have the staff doing cut and paste every morning, develop value for our members and improve the renewal experience. DMCentral aren’t just suppliers, they are part of our team.